Ninjas in Action

Food Ninja Milind Pradhan on ABP Majha
ABP Majha covers Milind Pradhan and Ruben Mascarenas on our food drive in the arterial roads of Mumbai
Mumbai's food ninjas on Indian Express
When thousands of migrant workers are leaving cities to return to their native states amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, a group of young citizens from Mumbai came up with the initiative, Khaana Chahiye, adopting three railway stations to provide meals, sanitizers & masks to migrants
How Khaana Chahiye kitchen's work
Pathik Muni with Neeti Goel at Madras Diaries explaining how Khaana Chahiye's kitchens work

Facebook Videos

KC Team - Road Transit Support
#KhaanaChahiye migrant worker transit support at Ghatkophar Depot
Down but not out. Gautam Marathe in action.
Down but not out. Gautam Marathe at the end of a long shift keeps going on.
Team KC on ‘we are yuvaa’
Ruben and Pathik on ‘we are yuvaa’ channel
Food Ninja Ajay Chaurasiya on his KC Journey
Ajay Chaurasiya on his experience serving food, water and essentials to our friends travelling on Shramik Trains.
Students Train to NorthEast
KC Team race across the platform handing out extra bottles to ensure our young friends travelling to the north east have enough water for the 3 day journey
KC Team helps a family catch a train
A family with excess luggage was in a race against time to board the last train to west bengal. our team helps them board literally at the last minute.
Mirchi Shubh Yatra
Get a glimpse into what the long and arduous journey home looks like for a migrant worker.
Naved's Message for Team KC
Naved Jadhav our ground distribution partner s message for khaanachahiye team and supporters
Team S4 Packing Team in action
Team S4 in action packing food for the needy across all our routes
KC + Railway Police Collab: Brut
KC Volunteers and Railway Police Help Migrants Catch Train To Bengal
Bhajji Harbhajan Singh joins Mumbais Fight
Bhajji Harbhajan Singh in conversation with Neeti Goel co founder #Khaanachahiye
Shramik Trains Drive Last Day
Actor/ KC Volunteer Aashutosh Gokhale thanks the railway police #MumbaiPolice BMC officials & other citizen groups who worked for migrant relief
A Thought for Food Webinar
A Thought for Food Webinar with Team KhaanaChahiye. Hosted by - Anna Lekvall, Consul General, Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai
"chhota packit" by Sapna Bhavnani
Sapna packed and distributed special packets for kids called "chhota packit" .. each had 2 packets of Parle G biscuits , 2 bananas! and a lot of love

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Khaana Chahiye Foundation traces its origins to a citizen-led food-relief effort during Mumbai's Covid-19 lockdown, evolving into one of the city's largest crisis management initiatives. Today, it persists in its mission to combat hunger through various relief and advocacy efforts.

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