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EMC JUSTISE KhaanaChahiye
A rap tribute to Mumbai 's Fight Against Hunger
Apni Soch, Apni Public ki Bhi
A light hearted reminder from Apni Public Project to spare a thought for our people featuring KC Partners, volunteers and their families
Know the Food Ninjas who powered Mumbai's fight against hunger
Corona Covers - Time of our life
The band Corona Covers features KC in their video for their cover of Greendays Time of Our Life’
Gautam Marathe - Bharatnatyam Live / Stage Platform
Gautam Marathe performs Bharatnatyam LIVE to support donations at #KhaanaChahiye

facebook videos

Palash Sens Live For Mumbai
A clip from Palash Sens live gig on Insta to increase awareness about KC
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वहाँ कुछ लोग है जो हंस कर सारे काम करते है।-Pallavi Mahajan
Pallavi Mahajan and get together to spread awareness about Khaanachahiye
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तब दरवाज़े पर बैठे हाथ फैलाया जाता है।- Nayab Midha
Nayab Midha and use art to power Mumbai's fight against hunger
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Art Care Project: Impact
20 plus students drive crowdfunding via their sketches
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Want to join Mumbai's fight against hunger?

Be a part of our fight against hunger. If you’re an individual, organization, institution, donor, the press or an artist who would like to join us or partner with us, please reach out here or write to us at:

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Khaana Chahiye Foundation is a
non-profit organization based in Mumbai. It aims to combat the issue of hunger through relief efforts and advocacy initiatives. The organization started as a relief operation during the Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai and became one of the most extensive crisis management operations in the city.

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