Assess. Act. Adapt: Our plan of action for Lockdown 2021

Team KCF
Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Thanks to the consistent support that Khaana Chahiye Foundation has been receiving from generous donors like you, we have crossed more milestones in our relief operation namely,

·       ₹ 5,00,00,000+ raised

·       4,00,000+ cooked meals served to those in extreme need across Mumbai Metropolitan Region

·       2000+ family grocery kits distributed

·       8000+ meals served by our first all-women Community Kitchen in Kurla

·       175 volunteers engaged in relief efforts on ground and remotely

Mumbai’s slow but steady pace of recovery is a ray of hope for all of us. While that’s a good trend, the road to actual recovery is indeed a long one. Economic uncertainty coupled with job losses and wages being paused have wreaked havoc on the informal industry which makes bulk of our labour force. Even those families who are hand-to-mouth and were somehow making ends meet have been pushed into poverty without any hope of immediate recovery. So, what is the future for them?

Khaana Chahiye Foundation’s strong network of community organizers, social workers and volunteers with its collaborative approach of public problem solving have been assessing the situation on the ground for the past one whole year. Our learnings, partnerships and institutional memory proved pivotal while restarting our operations during the lockdown in 2021. This preparedness helped us in streamlining our ongoing operations. Based on our continuous grassroots assessment, we have inferred that relief aid to vulnerable segments of the population in the MMR has to continue at least for the period of next 3 months. To achieve the same, we have formulated a well-considered strategy.

1.      Enhancement of our cooked meals program to include adequate nutrition, focusing on micro vulnerable population like women and children.

2.     Adapting to logistical challenges: Given the pandemic and logistical constraints due to the lockdown, we endeavor to convert most meals to family grocery kits which will ensure lesser volunteer effort for distribution as well as greater convenience for the beneficiary. Cooked meals for those without cooking apparatus, like the destitute and the homeless will continue.

3.     Redesigned our grocery kit: The present configuration of the kit can easily sustain a family of 4 (assuming 2 adults and 2 kids) for 12-15days. Subsequent to the feedback from the ground and after consulting with the nutritionists, we intend to upgrade our kit to sustain a family for a month.

4.     Promotion of Community Kitchen Project in Qureshi Nagar, Kurla and Govandi which is an end-to-end women-led model provides not just sufficient food in the locality but also generate much needed local employment.

5.     In addition to our special focus areas of vulnerable segments, we are kickstarting our institutional partnership segment catering to orphanages, old-age homes, LGBTQ+ collectives, mental health institutions, hospitals, prisons, leprosy homes and juvenile detention centers. We provide relief aid in the form of groceries, snacks, medicines and other health supplies.

6.     Supporting frontline warriors: At the request of doctors, we are mobilizing our resources to provide support to doctors, nurses and medical support staff with water, juices, energy bars and other essential nutritional supplies that suit their long working hours.

Thank you for your immense trust in our efforts. We are overwhelmed your love and support through your messages, emails, DMs on social media with volunteer requests. We hope that you will ensure continued support to our operations. Given the above rationale, we are updating our target to Rs. 6,00,00,000.

Our current goal enables us to continue with our plan for 25,000 families for the 3 more months. We plan to be dynamic and raise our crowdfunding demand based on ongoing need. Our goal is to support the vulnerable in the best ways possible –with minimal spending on logistics and maximum in aid material.

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Team KCF

Khaana Chahiye Foundation has restarted its operations during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Our team is engaged with daily cooked meal distribution along with supporting vulnerable families with grocery kits. We are working on long-term solutions to combat hunger under our Hunger Map Project.

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